Lab-Grown Loose 1ct. Round Brilliant Diamond


Excellent Cut | Colorless D,E,F | VVS+ Clarity

Carat Weight : 1 ct. | Cut Grade : Excellent | Color Grade : D-F

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Elevate your jewelry design with our Finest lab-grown diamonds. With each stone being VVS+ clarity*, Excellent cut and Colorless D, E, F you’ll be adding a stunning stone to your bespoke piece.

Our stones are made to a consistently high standard and are inscribed with a mark of quality invisible to the naked eye.

* Although the intrinsic clarity classification of the stone is VVS+, some graders may include the quality inscription in their assessment, which could result in a different grade.


  • Cut : Excellent | Color : D-F | Clarity : VVS+
  • Carat weight : 1 carat stone
  • Growth method : CVD | Refinement : HPHT