Heyaru Engineering NV – Belgium

Heyaru Engineering NV is a public company based in Lommel, Belgium. Heyaru Engineering NV is formed to set up a state of the art project in Flanders region resulting in local investment, economic development & employment.

Certain benefits of Flanders include:

  • Very stable electricity distribution network, required for the 24/7, 365 days production regime being one of the main drivers of the company’s business.
  • Open economy supported by a well-developed transport network and a competitive industry.
  • Belgium and its regional governments designed a set of new fiscal incentives to encourage R&D investments and updated their cooperation schemes between the science and industry.
  • Capital of innovation and technology, centrally located in Europe

Currently the group serves to handful very limited number of small clients. Some of the productions is mostly being used and sold for testing quality, demand. Based on feedback market potential is understood. A larger project in Belgium will enable the group to serve large clients, achieve mass production and offer more low prices to strengthen its competitive position.

Today there are only handful number of companies in the world. In Belgium this is the first of its kind. If the company achieves the ambitious business plan it will the largest facility in Europe into this kind of products.



Heyaru Technology FZE – UAE

Heyaru Technology FZE is the headquarter for Heyaru Group based in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai is the most vibrating business hub.

The local government promotes free zones with special business benefits such a complete exemption on all kind of taxes and lots of flexibility to developing innovative ideas.

Very easy access to all industries including shipping, tourism, media, IT, retail, general trading, Gems & Jewellery, banking.

High standard infrastructure.

The Dubai company will license the initial technology to the Belgium counterpart.

The companies will jointly invest in R&D to develop more processes & IP’s.

Heyaru Engineering Pvt. Ltd. – India

Heyaru Engineering is a limited liability company in India, having an existing live project with a partner company. The group wishes to create an identical India model like her partner company in Belgium & further scale up in Belgium.

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