Heyaru has an entire portfolio of Supermaterials that provide users with high cutting rates. Our company provides a varied portfolio of technologies and solutions for tunneling, mining and drilling applications. As an expertise in the supermaterials technology, we can make use of our special skills and abilities to provide specialized solutions which enable a reliable and uninterrupted operation. Heyaru offers lab grown diamond grits, polycrystalline diamond and tungsten carbide solutions that provide a number of benefits including better machinery and rig efficiency and minimized operation costs. It also includes re-sharpening costs and amplified drilling and cutting speeds.

Mining of Hard Rock :

The mining of hard rock specifically requires the drilling of both the exploratory and blasting holes, offering inserts to mount into drill tools or the finished drill tools. The choice of the tooling options are designed to match the varying needs of mines around the globe, as we work with the mining tool equipment manufacturers to match lab grown diamond and carbide performance characteristics for their personalized needs.

Tunneling :

Heyaru produces a full range of tooling systems and tools for the tunneling applications. Offering a full range of round shank picks with the entire range of head designs, retainer systems and inserts present to the specific requirements. We also manufacture customized tools as per requests. Drill bits are present for blast hole drilling and roof bolting, while equipped with tungsten carbide or polycrystalline diamond inserts to match the rock conditions. Heyaru’s lab grown diamond grits and powders solutions. The company is proficient to make full use of the lab grown diamond as the working face material in exploratory and blast hole drilling through the world’s hardest formations. In the lab grown diamond grits, Heyaru offers a wide range of sizes, coatings, and strength and encapsulation technologies to cater to a wide range of hard rock drilling needs.

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) :

For large percussive/ impact/ cutting surfaces, we provide polycrystalline diamond (PCD) that can be mounted on drill heads and picks to facilitate the penetration rates, offering longevity of performance life( which is an important feature in geographically remote operations. Upon proper application, PCd tools procide the end-user with unmatched productivity levels and work piece quality. Our lab grown diamond enhanced hard rock inserts symbolize an integration of advanced material design and product engineering to produce a cost effective solution for drilling that is performance focused. The dimensions of our lab grown diamond enhanced hard rock inserts are created according to the customer requirements.