• Eco-Friendly

    Heyaru works on technologies which are steps towards eco-friendly process.

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  • High End Research

    We at Heyaru encourages researchers to establish more innovative techniques for development in Superhard Hard Materials.

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    <br>High End Research

  • Modern Application

    Our super hard materials are widely usable in area's like drilling, optics, thermal, laser, gems, health care and many more.

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    <br>Modern Application


Heyaru’s business encompasses research and development in Advanced Materials and Hard Materials Divisions.

Company Profile

The Company is active in the business of engineering reactors and machines related to finding sub- atmospheric environments with zero carbon footprints for chemical Vapour deposition and synthesizing for producing super-hard and advance materials for various industries worldwideand solutions for Tunneling, Mining and Drilling applications.

Heyaru’s PCBN

Heyaru’s polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) are used for the production of cutting tools for machining of materials like grey & hard cast irons, hard steels & high temperature super-alloys.


Our technologies include Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) techniques to produce high quality lab grown diamonds.

We, at Heyaru Engineering, have broad experience in processing diamonds. We can supply both single crystal diamonds and polycrystalline diamonds in several qualities. All our diamonds are lab grown, chemical vapour deposition (CVD) diamonds. Our customers require the highest standard with tight tolerances, and often tailor-made. With a wide range of production techniques, we are able to meet these requirements.

Applications : Our super hard materials are widely usable in area's like Drilling, Optics, Thermal, Laser, Gems, Health Care & many more.


Heyaru Engineering (Dubai/India) is one of the nominees for Flanders’ 2020 Foreign Investment of the Year Trophy.


All our diamonds are lab grown chemical vapour deposition (CVD) diamond. Surely, our products will bring the revolution in traditional diamond industry.