Heyaru Engineering NV<br>BELGIUM<br><hr>Mr. Manish Sharma

Heyaru Engineering NV

Mr. Manish Sharma

Mr. Manish Sharma has completed his studies from Mumbai University. He is a director of Heyaru Engineering NV - BELGIUM and has over 18 years of experience, including the successful execution of projects in the Indian industry. He has also worked in Belgium for more than half a decade. Mr. Manish Sharma managed projects in Entertainment, Trademarks, Desktop Processing, Designing, Intellectual Properties, Stock Management, Mass Media & Green Energy. Furthermore, he has expertise in project handling, management and business communication.

Heyaru Engineering Pvt. Ltd.<br>INDIA<br><hr>Mr. Abhishek Parikh

Heyaru Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Abhishek Parikh

Mr. Abhishek Parikh director at Heyaru, India. He has almost 10 years of experience in the diamond Industry. He started at a very young age and have gained strong experience in preparation. With the help of planner, X-Ray and other he has mastered in positioning the exact inclusions & defects and than planning the diamond for optimum value. His skills are highly valued when preparing for Industrial applications with high optical grading.

Heyaru Engineering Pvt. Ltd.<br>INDIA<br><hr>Mr. Mitul Shah

Heyaru Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Mitul Shah

Having Mr. Mitul Shah, a director of the Heyaru Engineering Private Limited, has sound experience in general management, operations and business development arenas for wide range of products. Mr. Shah has held positions of increasing responsibility with companies in the areas of business development and operations management, culminating in the role of a general manager. Mr. Shah has good understanding of running small size to mid-size businesses and in acquiring machines and new concepts of business.  Mr. Shah has held a wide variety of roles across various organizations.

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