Five E's of Heyaru

  • Environmental: Super-hard material is produced by, a technology driven, CVD process, in the most ecological way without any harm to the ecosystem. In meeting rapidly changing customer needs, the Company increasingly invests in reducing its environmental footprint. Super-hard materials are produced in technologically advanced facilities limiting total energy consumption and water usage. Moreover, the process does not generate any liquid pollutants. The exhaust contains nitrogen with a small percentage of hydrogen & methane which are both non-polluting gases, ensuring the process is eco-friendly.
  • Economical: Apart from several technical advantages such as strength, quality and lifecycle, manufactured super-hard materials generally are up to 40% cheaper than naturally mined materials.
  • Employment: By investing and setting up the business, the Company aspires to create employment opportunities and business development in this region.
  • Education: Being a technology intensive company, the Company’s focus area will be R&D of its existing and new products. Furthermore, the existing CVD and HPHT technologies are a medium to create new highs of innovation by continuous improvement of quality.
  • Ethical: Adhering to highest standards of ethics, single crystalline super-hard materials are produced in reactors at factories ensuring
    • No mining violation
    • No Human rights violation and
    • No labour violations

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